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Purchase a 1970 Challenger 32

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I'm new to sailing but I'm very interested in learning so I've been reading up on boats and came across this 32' Challenger nearby. I'm starting to clean it up and preparing to start filling the blisters.

She looks rough right now but with a little elbow grease I think she will be a great boat. The engine started right up and everything is there. She just needs blister repair, bottom paint, and to be put back together. She's only been out of the water for a year while the previous owner was working on cleaning out the blisters.

Here are some pictures in her current condition. The sails look to be in good shape but a few parts on the mast need to be repaired. I'm going to be installing a new radio, electrical, solar panels, water pump, fridge, and plumbing.


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Welcome to sailnet, it looks like you picked a nice boat to learn on. Good luck with with getting her ready, keep posting pics and let us know your progress and when you launch.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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