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I am surprised at how many people I have met, some who have been in the area for weeks, who complain about the $14 hamburgers in the pub at Heriot bay , assuming that is their only option. Directly above the Government Dock is Terry's take out, with great $6 burgers, fries, poutine, chicken burgers $2.50 ice cream cones ,etc, open from noon til 7 PM. To many cruisers just dont wander very far from the anchorage . I'll tell Terry to get a better located sign ,next time I'm over there.
In Manson's lagoon, I see people wandering up the creek , among the rocks ,trying to find the trail to the lake. The trail begins where the beach ends, just before the rocks. I even put a sign up there. No need to climb up the creek. That's the rough way. If you take the first turn to the right, it swichbacks making a more gradual climb.
The swimmin is wonderful !
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