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Questions on my Cruising Plan

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Here is my plan. I am 55 and in excellent physical shape. I would like to go now, but I have to get 2 kids through college and the current financial rewards in my employment are too good to pass-up. Within 5 years I plan (with my partner) to purchase a 38’ boat, sail the east coast to get experience, head to the Bahamas and ultimately island hop down the Caribbean, and as my experience builds ultimately spend several seasons in the Baltic area (I lived in Estonia for 2 years) and the Mediterranean. I have chartered in the Bahamas, BVI and Sporades, Greece.

Based upon my research to-date, I am interested in either a Pacific Seacraft or Island Packet boat with a budget of $150,000 (I understand the pros and cons of each design). Given a relatively short time frame, I can’t spend years refurbishing an older boat. For formal education, I plan on obtaining all ASA certifications and endorsements (via Bluewater Sailing School) as well as small engine and diesel repair classes.

Unfortunately, I don’t live near the water, (Colorado based). However, I am a very proficient outdoorsman and am quite capable of skiing off a 14,000’ peak in hazardous winter conditions so I understand the importance of reading the weather. By profession, I am a geologist so I also understand the importance of maps, projection systems and navigation fundamentals. I am also quite handy with most tools and home repair projects.

My question to the older “salts” on the board, does this sound viable?
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My question: does this sound viable?
Sure it does (although there will be those that say it doesn't :rolleyes: ).

Your plan to start with small jumps and graduate to voyages over a space of time is the best way.

You ability to operate under pressure will stand you in good stead and charter experience won't have done any harm.

Hey listen, if a 14-year-old can do it, it's a walk in the park for you.

As for your choice of boats, I've seen many Island Packets out there so they can't be that bad :p but I know nothing about Pacific Seacraft.
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