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In new (old) boat search mode! Always fun.

Considering a Quickstep 24. I did a comprehensive search, and didn't find much specific information about this boat. I know the usual internet lore about the boat, multiple builders in New England, Lannigan was owned company, Brewer design, et al.

Anyone CURRENTLY own this boat OR owned one in the past?

Specifically, interested in what seems to be a consistent problem with this boat - the leaking toerail. From what research I have done some people have been perplexed as to where the water is coming from (and I do know that leaks are hard to find having chased many down myself...).

So...if anyone has first hand knowledge of a design "glitch" that might be causing these leaks, would be most appreciated.

Also thinking about a Compac 23 - lots of info about that one though!

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