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Race in Charlotte Harbor anyone?

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BigRed56 is back and the new old boat is re-rigged and undergoing sea trials in Charlotte Florida Harbor.Restorations on this 1963 fiberglass yawl built in Great Britian has been the most fun I''ve had in years and I''am ready to sail. New digs in cape coral ain''t bad either. Look me up .
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Ahoy Big RED , Im sick of your stupid and offbeat comments and I''d like nothing better than to Put you in your place. I could beat you with a sheet of plywood and a bed sheet and I''ll give you a handicap as well since you and your boat are so old you probably need viagra to get the main up!Pirate''s of Penzance mabye. What silly swamp is Pine Island in anyway? I''ll be there soon, keep scraping the barnacles off your silly old boat and get ready to LOSE. Gasparilla ,The real Pirate.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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