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I am sorry to hear about your R.A. I know that can be seriously painful.

I understand that a lot of people really like the Strong Track system. I am somewhat agnostic about Strong Track on a less than 40 or footer.

I considered putting strong track on Synergy when I bought a new mainsail a little less than 10 years ago, and so sailed on a couple boats with the system before deciding it didn't make enough of a difference to be worth bothering with. Then I found out how expensive it was and was glad I had already decided it was off the table.

Your C&C has a much smaller mainsail than my boat, but I also don't know how much of a problem your RA is and whether the track would change how uncomfortable raising your sail is. .

I had a similar problem with the height of the slot in Synergy since previous owners only had racing mainsails with bolt ropes. When I added slugs to Synergy's mainsail I made covers for the slot using pieces of aluminum angle. I cut one leg of the angle so it extended into the slot enough to be flush with the inside (i.e. forward) face of the mast groove. Then I filed the top and bottom edge of the angles to a near knife edge where it sits against the mast at the and bottom. I needed to the long leg of the angle to the radius of the mast so it lays flat against the mast. Finally, I bolted it on so I can remove the slugs through the existing slot.

I works well most of the time, but occasionally a slug will snag and I have to grind the winch to get it to pop free.

EDIT: Here is a picture. Hopefully, it is worth the 1000 words above.. I will note that they took less than a couple hours to fabricate and perfect. I will also note that is my old mainsail and before the mast was painted.

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