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Ranger 28 Transducer?

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Would anyone know where I can find the transducer on a 76 Ranger 28?
I thought it would be obvious, but so far, I can't seem to locate it.

On a separate note, I would like to gleefully announce my entrance into the Ranger 28 club. She's an incredible boat. I bought her about a year ago, after 10 years of neglect and abuse. A winter full of drilling, painting, sanding, replacing, remounting and more epoxy and 4200 than I'd like to remember, she had her 2009 inaugural sail last weekend from Annapolis.
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Which transducer? Odd that after a winter crawling all around you haven't located every bit of gear on the boat.....
Sorry, the depth finder. I didn't really do much down below, beside plumbing and battery replacement, but don't remember seeing it anywhere. I'm sure it's somewhere obvious, but this is my first boat. Did most boats built back then have thru-hull sounders, or were they mounted flush to the hull?

I'm getting a depth sounding from it, it's just all over the place. 2 ft one minute, 80 the next.
Usually just ahead of the keel.... it's usually a flush fitting so may be painted over.. alternatively its mounted in a box or tube inside the hull (or glued on), shooting through a liquid or gel and the hull skin. Then I'd look for it under the Vberth somewhere.
On my R28 the ducer is under the v berth on the starboard side, however a lot of the prior owners have some done some goofy things so that may not be the original location. My depth system is a Signet Mk 172, and I'm curious to know if its oem or a later add on, what do you have? I've also had similar inconsistency with its readings.
So you have an R28 too? What year? I got mine as my first boat about a year ago and have it in Annapolis. '76.

I'm having the same problem in figuring out what all is original and what's been changed. The previous owner used it purely as a racing boat and had retooled it as such. The inboard has been taken out, much to my dismay, and replaced with a 8hp outboard.

I'm going out this weekend and will take a look at the Transducer gear. I'm not sure what it is, but I discovered it finally in the front V berth, but on the port side. The starboard side has the water speed indicator. Neither work well.
Mine is a Ranger 26 and the Ducer is on the starboard side under the V-berth.

Same as Guy's

Range club sounds good..count me in.

Still painting and making it prettier.
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