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Ranger 29 Propane Locker Location?

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Long time reader on the lists, never posted before.

I've got a '72 Ranger 29 that I'm thinking of converting to propane since the old alcohol stove is pretty much done.

Has anybody added a propane locker to a Ranger 29? I'm thinking of possibly building a box right in front of the tiller and moving the drains forward (while using one of the old drain holes to vent the locker). Only thing is I seem to use that space quite often for my extra gas container, as well as fenders. The other possibility would be to add a new lazarette to the port side since I don't really use the quarterberth underneath.

Thoughts / pictures would be great.


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propane locker

I have a locker in front of my tiller as you describe and the attached pic shows. This has worked out OK, but I am looking to build a new one or move it to under the port seat since the old tanks that fit in this small locker do not have pressure relief valves and I can no longer get them filled. Mine sits slightly above the cockpit floor and vents down the existing cockpit drain.



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Thanks for the pic and info. I do feel like that space is too valuable to use up for a propane locker when there is so much unused space under both cockpit seats. I'm going to be out of town this weekend, but I plan on going down to the boat next week to take some measurements and try to sketch out a plan for the locker.

Looking at your picture did make me realize that the best place to put the locker may be on the starboard side right next to the lazarette since the galley is also on the starboard side (though that makes me wonder a little bit about weight distribution since that lazarette is filled with so much stuff already - especially compared to the starboard side).

I'll keep you updated on my progress - let me know if you get anywhere with your project =)

btw - I'm in the SF Bay Area - where's your ranger located? I'd love to see some other rangers.

propane locker

I'd like to use the empty space behind the quarter berth rather than my overfilled lazarette :) I will need to move the gas plumbing/shut-off solenoid but it shouldn't be too bad.

I sail Puget Sound and have a few pics at
Just built the cabinet behind the table and made extra storage in the stair step. Happy to share other photos.
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