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I’ve ordered the newest model of the SailTimer Wind Instrument, which is a mast-mounted wireless wind vane providing wind speed and direction that is broadcast over Bluetooth (v4) and powered by solar. We’re also getting a RAYMARINE Autohelm ST2000. I’d like to figure out the cheapest and/or simplest way of getting these two working with each other and talking to a display.

We have a legacy Standard Horizon 45 Series set of displays, including the analog wind direction with digital speed display, a speed display and a depth display. Only the depth display has a working transducer on it. The SH wind vane is missing. The speedo is present but not-functioning as it has missing pieces on its paddle-wheel. My understanding is that the legacy Standard Horizon 45 Series is *not* NMEA 0183 compliant. Likewise, if I replaced the speed transducer to work with my existing display, it would not be able to integrate into an NMEA multiplexer or SeaTalk. So it may make sense for us to get a new speed/temp/dept transducer and new displays.

SailTimer also sells a “miniserver” that takes the Bluetooth v4 signal from the masthead device and outputs into NMEA 0183 terminals and also broadcasts through WiFi as well.

Eventually, I’d like to add a GPS connection to our VHF for full DSC, currently, our GPS receiver is a the handheld Garmin 78sc and our mobile devices. Since both the WindTimer and the Autohelm have integrated digital compasses, I assume there is little reason to buy one for the boat.

  1. What is the simplest and cheapest way of getting the SailTimer Wind Instrument working with the RAYMARINE Autohelm Series ST2000 Plus?
  2. Eventually, I’d like all transducer data available on my mobile devices, assuming I replace the speedo with an NMEA 0183-compliant speed-temp-depth sensor, what is the most logical multiplexer to buy that would allow all my equipment to communicate with each other and maintain compatibility with future displays, devices, and sensors?
  3. Any recommendations for a logical and reasonable display system for a 37-year-old 29-ft cruising boat? I'd prefer to use displays and sensors that enable the greatest compatibility and flexibility over proprietary systems.

The vessel is a 1979 Cape Dory Intrepid 9M, 28.5ft LOA, 7700lbs displacement. Last year we did a 500-mile 2-week 2-day cruise and we'd like to do a longer and further one this year.

Attached images are our existing and proposed systems.


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