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Raymarine EV-100

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Hey All,

Looking for an autopilot for a C&C 38. Any reports on the Raymarine EV-100? Will it be enough for a boat this size/weight? How are they to install and get working?


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I just purchased the EV 100 Wheel for my Ticon 30, I understand they are Easy to install ( I hope).
I believe the maximum displacement for the unit is about 16,500 lbs and they recommend about a 20% buffer for gear etc. which means a real max. of about 13,000 lbs. So I think it would be small for a 38 Ft. boat.
Would probably work ok motoring in calm water but would struggle to cope when sailing.
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I haven't installed it yet. Decided to wait til the boat is in the water so I can get the EV sensor Core installed level. I usually don't launch until early May.
I didn't get power cords from the electrical source to the ACU-100 or from the wheel drive to the ACU-100. #10 wire should do it, depending on the length of run. I don't have a rudder sensor either. Your right, in the literature they keep referring to it. I am going to install without it and see how it works. It could always be added after if needed. I have heard from people who have the same unit and are happy without one.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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