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Raymarine EV-100

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Hey All,

Looking for an autopilot for a C&C 38. Any reports on the Raymarine EV-100? Will it be enough for a boat this size/weight? How are they to install and get working?


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derailing this thread a bit, wondered how the installation went for dbruce? I've purchased the EV-100 as well, mine didn't come with a power cord to the wheel motor, did yours? Next I'm wondering about the rudder sensor, I've read that its not required but the literature keeps referring to it, any thoughts?
thanks for the replies, now I'm concerned about mounting the EV sensor, hadn't thought about it being perfectly level. I'd be more confident of level with my boat in the cradle than bobbing at the slip. And thats good news about the rudder sensor
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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