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Raymarine EV-100

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Hey All,

Looking for an autopilot for a C&C 38. Any reports on the Raymarine EV-100? Will it be enough for a boat this size/weight? How are they to install and get working?


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I installed one on my C&C 110 (36') that weighs around 10,000lb. It was easy to install and interfaced nicely with my Garmin plotter and Ray ST60 instruments. I can steer to a compass heading, a wind angle, waypoint, or route.

The unit works great motoring and in light wind. As the wind picks up the the performance decreases. If I am good about keeping weather helm down its works OK. Downwind it can struggle.

I would say that you need an under deck pilot for your boat. If you do use the Evo 100 wheel pilot I don't think you will be happy with performance in bigger wind and going downwind.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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