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Re-install the marine air or keep the window shaker?

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At some point during the re-fit I removed the 12000 BTU Marine Air unit from the boat to access the space below it for a larger holding tank. My thinking at the time was "hey, I'm going cruising and that thing won't run on alternative energy so it's gone." Well, the re-fit is done and I find that the air conditioner will fit back where it was so I started thinking of re-installing it but before I do I wanted to stop here for a reality check and ask some questions like; Has anybody used this unit with a Honda eu2000i - will it even work with this generator? And, (this one is really only for those who are "out there") do you spend enough time at the dock overall to make it worth it?
My thoughts now after not having it for a couple of years and using a window shaker is that the window shaker is cheap and I can run it with the genny, but it's ugly and when I want to go sailing I have to take it off the hatch anyway until the hook is down. We're also concerned about security. The window shaker would be the best spot for someone to get access to the boat but with the marine air unit the boat stays locked up tight.
I don't know, what do you all think?
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Mike, Look on the ac's name plate for the FLA rating (full load amps) and circuit breaker min requirements. I'm betting that you will be ok. But to be sure ck the output of the gen before you buy. good luck!
thanks denise, i checked and it's 48, not counting the water pump - probably too much for my eu2000i. but it was a thought and i still may install it for use dockside, we'll see. thanks though.
Mike that sounds wrong.. you sure you didn't read the LRA? (locked rotor amps) 12,000 btu should be well under 15 at 120 volts. the pump motor would be fractions of an amp most likely.

I just looked it up! 53 is LRA, 35 is the max breaker size min breaker is 20 amps. FLA is 10 amps for cool and 12 for heat mode. I"m sure this is close to what you have Marine Air VCD12K/2 12000 BTU 115 Volt Boat Air Conditioner
I have the 16,000 btu Marine Air Unit that I tried to run off a 4,200 watt air cooled diesel generator -- fan would run, water pump would run, compressor would not. I suspect that the problem is the startup current requirement is momentarily quite high, but not having an ammeter don't know this for a fact.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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