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Rebel Heart- Keeping positive

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Firstly, Charlotte of Rebel Heart is my friend so not only has the huge criticism thrown at them and all cruising families by the public riled me up as a sailing mom but it's hurt me right where it counts- in my heart.

In an attempt to show the masses that sailing with kids- even crossing oceans- is not something only ONE person has ever attempted I, with the aid and photos of a couple of hundred of sailing moms put together this video in support of Rebel Heart and to promote sailing with your kids in a positive way.

This is about showering some compassion and support on a family who has literally just gone through hell and faces a fairly painful bit of mobs with pitchforks when they dock. More importantly, we want to let the world know that we who choose to sail with children are not irresponsible gadabouts, we are loving families who want to share the beauty of the world with our kids.
Hope you like it. Feel free to share as you like- I and the contributors think the positive message needs to be louder than those from people who do not know what it is to love the sea.

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If you publicize your family's entire life on the internet--complete with some very intimate details I might add--be prepared for the consequences. This story would have garnered far less interest had this family not had the blog and the following that they encouraged.

In the end, I am sure these folks will capitalize off this. They are writers and their family appears to be their subject, and the story just got a whole lot more interesting.
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I'm still amazed at how many- their parents age- 'post' on the internet, as if they're talking to a small group on an island. :)
After reading some of the two blogs this morning at Rebel Heart - The Saga of the Rebel Heart I am fairly certain that these parents understood they were posting to the world, and it was their full intention to do so.

Makes me wonder whether they set off across the Pacific to have an adventure, or to have an adventure to write about. In other words, if they did not have the ability to blog along the way, would they still have set out. I am not so sure.
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Main Sail's pictures are awesome! And way, way different than a 30-40 day passage across the Pacific. There's no comparison whatsoever, so I don't know why Maine Sail is so offended with the big FU at the end (who is he FU'ing?). He is showing healthy, active kids... running, jumping, sailing dinghys, kayaking, eating corn on a beach. Who the heck takes issue what that??
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Did you read his post, or did you just look at the pretty pictures?

There are people who feel that young children engaging in even the simplest water sports, even closely supervised with chase boats, is the height of irresponsibility. Our society is getting to be quite demanding that we all "homogenize", and do the same thing.

That's who the "FU" was directed at.
Yea, I did, it just seemed misplaced given the current controversy and debate surrounding Rebel Heart. That seems like a very different scenario from the "boating" kids that many of us here have, myself included. Here is my son having a blast on a beautiful summer day (as all the other kids in the pictures above). I can guarantee that he would not have fun being confined to our boat for 30-40 days even in the best of conditions, let alone when things get nasty and you can hardly stand up for days on end.

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Glad YOU know what is best for other peoples kids.
Uh, actually, I wrote about what is best for my kid. "I can guarantee that he would not have fun being confined to our boat for 30-40 days even in the best of conditions..."

And heck, I was right on the same page with your post above with the pictures of your beautiful kids. That looks like any given day of summer for us too!
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