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I am looking for a -solid- AM/FM radio for the boat (and one we could grab on our way to the dinghy if we needed to abandon ship).

We purchased an Eton Solarlink radio (Product Card), but it didn't survive our first voyage with it (got water under the screen). Eton was great to replace it for us, and I love all of it's features, but we have to be so delicate with it. Therefore, I'm looking for a replacement.

Here's what I'm looking for:
A Must:
-- AM/FM Radio that gets *good* reception. When we're just cruising down the coast, we'd like a little music or news.
-- Solidly built.
-- In the marine environment, it should stand up to at least a bit of water.

Nice to Haves:
-- Weatherband
-- Power Sources: a variety of power sources isn't imperative, but I did like the options that the Eton Solarlink provided (Handcrank, solar, batteries, and a/c adapter) so that we don't feel guilty about draining the house/engine batteries.
-- Shortwave radio channels
-- The Eton Solarlink was neat b/c you could also charge your cellphone by it (even with the solar power or handcrank).
-- iPod receiver, or some round-about way to listen to our music library? (maybe this is asking too much)

Or! Another option is a radio that we leave in the cabin, but has portable speakers for the cockpit. ?

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