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Recommendation for cordless LED spotlight?

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I've got an old school million CP halogen spotlight. Its very bright but there are a few downsides:

1 - It is halogen and it sucks a lot of juice
2 - It has a very wide, non adjustable, beam. When I click it on it tends to light up the deck, sails, rigging, everything ... and I immediately loose my night vision.
3 - It is corded so I have the damned cord in the way most of the time.

So I'm looking for a rechargeable, LED with a focus-able beam. something that could be very narrow when necessary. It does not need to be 1 million CP, I'd think I could get away with as little as 200.
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We've got a Streamlight Waypoint that I like a lot. It's powerful (300 lumens/80k candela), efficient and waterproof. You can read my review here: Streamlight Waypoint LED Spotlight

I am also currently testing out the Pelican 7000 LED tactical light. While it's essentially a small handheld LED flashlight and not technically a spotlight, it's extremely bright at 602 lumens and can be used as such. Might be worth checking out as a backup spotlight and a really well-made flashlight.
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