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Recommendations for used racer/cruiser around $100k

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Just wondering what recommendations anyone would make for a racer/cruiser (used) for around 100k. We're looking for a boat that's easy enough for a 70 yr old beginner sailor to helm/race with an experienced crew and tactician. Tactician will teach him how to sail around the race course. Problem is, the beginner helm also wants to entertain his wife and friends by himself on the weekends and the rest of the crew would like to make sure that they make it back in one piece by themselves. Would the C&C 99 be too much boat? I'm looking for the really easy to sail/fast boat around the buoys that doesn't need too many crew bodies to sail. A J 105 is too stripped down on the inside and the Beneteau 36.7 needs too many crew to keep her flat. I've been helming/racing a J35 and I love it but it needs too many crew again and I can't imagine us having the time to train the crew required to sail it proficiently. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? I'd love an asymetric spinnaker but not too many in this price range have them. What does everyone think of the C&C 99? Would it fit the bill or is it too much boat? (ps. I am the experienced racer/tactician/instructor but I do get intimidated with a boat that's overpowered in strong winds) I do love the C&C 110 but it's over our budget. Any other suggestions? All of your comments are very much appreciated.
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"IF" you can find one, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 35 might fit the bill. PHRF 105, nice interior, easy to operate. The issue I can think of, is I only know of three in NAmerica. The Sun Odysess versions with the 6' keel, not the 4.5' keel would work, a bit less mast and draft, same hull. The SF's have a 7' draft. The slightly longer SF37 or SF32 are other options.

There are a few Dufour 34's around that might fit the bill too. Not sure how the Ben 10r/34.7 would work, might be too thin on the interior too. Bavaria had a first 35 out a few yrs back, we have one in our fleet, not real quick, but quick enough.
A tarten 3400 might be good also, altho out of the price range, self tending jib for when the owner is alone, but can be set up with a bigger jib for racing. Even the 3500 might work, altho no ST jib. But could be set up with a 110-135 for cruising.

You might look at some of the cruiser/racer or performance cruiser style boats for your situation, as they can still be quick, but less of an issue for the owner/captain by himself on weekends. As a comparison. Jeanneau new 36iP, while a performance cruiser it rates 105-110 phrf, the std rigs around 120. Granted new at 180K is out of the budget, a lot easier to sail with 2-4 folks, yet can be ramped up to race. The new 33i has a performance version too that should be in the 120-140 range. I have not seen any actual ratings as of yet.

As far as C&C goes, I'd personally prefer a 115, altho the 110 would work, I do not like the forward head floor plan of the 99, but it could move to something I would look at if I got rid of my 25 yr old 30' boat.

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Clancy, when you say "requires too many crew"....what do you mean?
In theory a beginner wouldn't expect to win races. And so, for pure ease of operation, how about a Freedom? All races are won or lost on corrected time anyway, no?
if you are willing to go for an older boat a Sabre 36 would fit the bill - you could get one and refit it for 100K and they are beautiful and practically sail themselves.
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