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My wife and I returned from Australia in 1974 with a brand-new baby daughter and a dream to work long enough to buy a suitable liveaboard cruiser and sail around the world. It didn't happen; raising a wonderful little girl and making a living in the rat race intervened. We are now retired (except for a sideline in video recording and a penchant for political rabble rousing on pro-constitution issues) and having read every Lin and Larry Pardey book ever written, and now working my way through Fatty Goodlander's books and articles -- well, Fatty has rekindled my dream. My wife, well, maybe, if certain conditions are met. We'll see.

So, I am here to immerse myself in the sailing community and learn as much as I can. When we get the credit cards paid off, we will probably be taking courses in San Diego. All suggestions are welcome.

(P.S. Can someone tell me what a "trackback" is?"
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