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Removable inner forestay

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I remember reading about a product a year or two ago that allowed for the inner forestay to be quickly removed/installed by an attachment on the deck. It had a lever that allowed tensioning/detensioning with a simple, but effective looking locking mechanism.

Does anyone know of such a product and where I can learn more about it?
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Its called a "quick release" and just about all of the major manufactures (ie Ronstan, Schaefer, Lewmar etc.) make them or offer them in their catalogs. Also look at Defenders, Boat US or West Marine.
Actually the lever is called a Highfield lever. They are part of quick release system. It is very inportant to install the lever so that the lever swings down and not up when it opens.

There are several other aspects to consider when installing a jibstay or babystay. These stays can pull up in the deck with a lot of force. The above deck point of attachment should be installed in a portion of the deck that has been reinforced for that purpose and below deck there should either be a bulkead or a tesion rod that ties the attachment point from the deck to the hull.

How big a boat are you thinking of doing this on?

It''s a 32 ft. cutter, and when single-handing it''s difficult to tack the genoa through the slot between the stays. I would be retrofitting the existing fitting. Can''t remember offhand, but I think the stay is 5/16" wire.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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