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The genoa track works well and the jib track serves as a sharp obstacle on the small side-decks of my 7' beam of a boat. Want to take it up. The two steel screws at the end came right up. The bronze screws (about 7 per track) just spin and don't come up. Can't really get at the underside - exactly where the cabinetry joins the top of the deck.

I've sprayed on some substance that claims to dissolve adhesives. How would you proceed next?

Option A. Wedge at the end and use lots of force.
Option B. Drill out all the bronze screws in case they're connected to something on the other side, then do Option A.
Option C. Try to hacksaw and then wedge?
Option D. Something I've not thought of?

After I get the tracks off I'll Marine-Tex or epoxy the remaining holes and enjoy the unobstructed path every single time I move around on the boat.


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I believe they would have nuts on the end. They'd why they just spin.

Your options are:

1) drill out the heads and the tails will fall down unless the cabinetry keeps them from doing that. Then you have the problem of getting rid of the protruding screws.

2) Disassemble the cabinets to get to the back of the screws. The cabinets are likely screwed in with plugs covering the screw heads. You can put new plugs in when reinstalling or not depending upon your tastes. This will make sure you get the whole screw.

3) keep the track as it allows you to sheet in closer and point closer to the wind.


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