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Removing KM2P from 2GM20F

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I've a question. How much clearance from shaft coupling is require for removal of KM2P gearbox from 2GM20F? Best as I can tell, I've about 1-1.5" clearance.
Is this sufficient for me to pull the gearbox?
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I pulled mine on a C&C33 and replaced it after a rebuild. Not difficult. Clean the shaft before backing it off through the stuffing box (we were in the water at the time), a bit over an inch will do as I recall.
If sending it out, make sure to note the position of the shifter arm - ours was reversed 180 degrees from the usual to accommodate the pedestal shifter F/R direction. The shop put it back together the "usual" way which inverted Fwd/Rev. Spent two weeks vacation shifting very carefully until I could pull it again and have them fix it right way around.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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