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Without pictures it's hard to give you a lot of advice...

If the cleats that are broken can be removed without breaking the cabinets I would remove them and clean/sand the surfaces where the cleats were removed and install new...teak or a teak substitute...cleats.

If they can't be removed without breaking the cabinets then clean up the edges with saw/rasp/microshave plane/wood chisel as needed then make them whole by gluing in new pieces.

In the location of the missing cleat...take the glue surface back to bare wood so the glue will hold and install a new cleat.

Can you tell what kind of wood was used originally? If so and you are happy with it use that kind of wood. If not and you can remove all the can do that and replace with new wood.

I have had good success with glue-ups using Titebond 3 in some applications but more recently have used epoxy or resorcinol glue because I think it will last longer. Resorcinol cleans up with water and it's a bit easier to use in my estimation. A source is Aircraft Spruce.

I wouldn't use alder.
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