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I have a 1980 Seafarer 26 and need to replace the tiller. Has anybody done this who might be able to recommend the best place to buy one?

The tiller installed by a previous owner was a little thick for the bracket that attaches to the rudder post and they kind of hacked it out a little to fit and jammed it in there, so I'm assuming this wasn't original. It has been cracked for awhile (wonder why?) and just broke on Sat. when I was sailing, of course. (On other boats I've had a rudder fall off and have been dismasted, so no biggie). Also, the tiller is slightly curved but still rubbed up against the bottom of the aft seat and a groove was worn into it, so I don't think it was exactly the right shape either. (Think it should curve upward more, not sure....) Long story short, whoever installed it bought the wrong tiller and did a crap job.

If anybody has any suggestions it would be much appreciated, especially the exact dimensions of the original tiller (or where I could find them), so I could get it made custom if I have to. A picture of an original tiller would be great too.


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