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Corsair 24
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh you can get away with even less psi! just throw in some marvel mystery oil like moyer likes and shell be purring away in no time

honestly unless the head is severely cracked(youcan jb weld them nicely too) or the exhaust needs complete replacement or you are missing the water pumps or big parts a simple overhaul:

like lapping valves, chainging seals, gaskets and a cleanup of the piston tops etc...will yield you a good more years...

a nice tranny adjustment and new oil there does wonders for shifting too...clutch is easy to adjust too

what else?

oh new fuel filter and hoses will help the carb run nicely, if you have points and condensers a simple conversion to electronic ignition like prestolite or the one moyer sells works too

tired on an atomic 4 go hand in hand...most are tired, but MOST are still working away like a tank...

all good!
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