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Powdercoat is great stuff, but I wouldn't use it on a compression post that extends into the bilge. The rust will get in between the powdercoat and metal and push the coating off. Repowdercoating is more expensive than repainting.

There is a stainless compression post in the middle of my boat (it runs through the main cabin table), which otherwise has a fairly woody interior. I think that it looks fine and it matches the polished stainless chainplates. You can image search for "pearson 28-2" to see lots of examples. The post is made at Bob Perry suggests, with a large plate at the top and bottom to spread the load.

I never confirmed this, but when I owned a Catalina 25 it looked like the compression post was hollow and made of 4 boards joined together. If the C-27 is the same way you might be able to run a metal post down the center of it to keep the wooden load with the structural integrity of metal.
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