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replacing fixed ports

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I have a 1979 Sabre 34 MK1 and I''ve taken all four of the large fixed ports out. My plan was to replace the Lexan, and re-install, but wondered if anyone has found a custom shop to make new ones. Perhaps in stainless and designed for off-shore sailing.
Any help and or comments would be appreciated.
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Where are you located? If any where near East Norwalk ,CT. Look under plexiglass in yellow pages. There are several shops that will customize for boats. They work with Lexan as well as plexiglass. Iwould also guess any custom auto shop should be able to recommend some shops.
Newfound metals.
I think the web site is
Very nice stainless ports.
is the correct address.
I have a 1984 C&C 27. Both cabin sidelights are cracked and need replacement. They are 3/8" plastic windows that are held in place with sealant. Anyone know how to replace them? I am going to buy some lexan and cut replacements myself. I thougth that I could drill holes in the new windows, through the cabin and throug bolt them. I was told that bolting the windows is not a good idea as the bolts could crack them. How do I secure the windows so the bedding compound can cure?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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