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By using the search function on this site for terms like "deck core repair", "drill and fill" and "backing plates", you will get all the information you need.

If that fails, get Don Casey's illustrated guide. Use circular 1/4 aluminum backing plates to spread the load and try to keep the area dry until the fibreglass and fill "donut" has set up. The key is to keep water from just sitting down those bolt holes, so put caulking around the threads until it squishes a bit when the winch base is finger-tight. Wait 24 hours for the caulk to firm up, then tighten it down as per the suggested torque.

If you service your winches during the installation (and you should), get spare pawls and springs for that winch model and get a plastic dish pan with a winch base sized hole in the middle. Put this plastic pan over the base and THEN try the routine of getting the winch over its gears and seated on the pawls.

You can thank me for this idea later!
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