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Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and new to owning this 1978 Hunter 30. When I purchased the boat (at great discount) the old yanmar Ysm12 would not start. After struggling with it for a while I got it to start. It’s still has issues, water not flowing out and temp buzzer going off (cleared buildup and need to reinstall everything and test it this weekend), slight oil leak that seems to be coming from where the starter meets the flywheel, and parts are increasingly difficult to find.

I plan on keeping this 1978 Hunter 30 years to come and made the decision that a repower would bring peace of mind and save countless hours of headache repairing the old Ysm12 (impresses this raw water cooled original engine just keeps going like the energizer bunny). Not looking to rebuild or repair the old engine. If the old yanmar lasted 40+years, I’m hoping I can keep the newer higher HP Engine going for at least half that time also.

Yanmar 2ym15 was quoted at around 6.5k and with a new harness, elbow, and panel, priced out at about 7.2k+ tax.

I’m a little shocked by the quotes I’m getting for the labor to swap them out. How difficult would it be to get the job done myself? If anyone has repowered their Ysm12, was the footprint different? What modifications were needed for the newer engine to align properly? Any advise on how to go about the repower is welcome.
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