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Interesting that in both of these incidents boats had made prior arrangements with SAR authorities in their own countries to coordinate any rescue activities using sat phone. Seems like a very good idea and not noe I had thought of (not that we had a sat phone)
We don't need any pre arranged agreement with the Norwegian SAR authorities.
It's just to call them..
We have two Joint Rescue Coordination Centres in Norway
-Southern Norway, Stavanger (Cover Southern Norway and International)
-Northern Norway, Bodø
The split between the two is at 65°N

I Norwegian coastal waters we still have manned coast radio stations covering the whole Norwegian coast (and Jan Mayen, Bjørnøya and Svalbard) listening on VHF/MF 365/24h.

If you ever need help from a Norwegian flagged AMVER ship JRCC Stavanger will be coordinating from the Norwegian side.

Here is a information pdf in English on the Norwegina rescue organization.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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