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Helped a friend restart his freshwater tonite. This is the list I made for him. I'm a big fan of lists, do to advancing age etc. Posting this list here may help someone and maybe someone will pickup on something I did wrong.

Re-Commissioning Fresh Water Checklist
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  • Count freshwater fills on deck, one for each tank.
  • Find hot water tank (The two hoses to the tank should be disconnected from the tank and connected together)
  • Find the three hoses going into the first tank. Vent, Fill 1.5" both on top and the supply either on top or bottom. (We skiped this step)
  • If the supply hose that runs from the tank to the fresh water pump is disconnected, reconnect to the tank.
  • Open the faucets
  • Select tank 1 with tank selector
  • Check to make sure the sink drain is connected
  • Partially fill the tank with about 5 gallons of water from deck fill.
  • Operate the pump until the liquid coming from the facet looks clear.
  • Refill with another 5 gallons and re-pump.
  • Fill tank full.
  • Repeat steps 3 through 11 with the other tanks (You may need to operate a tank switcher)
  • Operate all fresh water devices including head sinks, showers, outside showers etc.
  • Reconnect hot water hoses (Make sure the outlet goes to the sink and in inlet goes to the tank.
  • Run pump and open hot water faucet. It will sputter until the air is gone then cold water will come out.
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