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Congrats on the Beautiful Sailmaster

What a beautiful job. I've been working on my Tartan 27 on and off for years - sailing summers, working on it other times. So I can appreciate all the work. I'm very interested in the Sailmaster (same S&S heritage) and I'm looking to trade down. Also, the shallow draft is perfect for the Great South Bay where I live. I wanted to let you know that I recently joined facebook for the specific purpose of looking at the facebook page about the Sailmaster. Right now there is not much there. Your thoughts and pics would be a huge plus.

So here's the other thing... I think within a year or so I should be able to part with the Tartan and I selfishly would like to get your input on the Sailmaster. e.g. I love how you had the plate manufactured for the turning blocks at the mast tabernacle. Simple and effective. Similar but different, I bought SS angle iron for the Tartan from a metal shop. Cut it to size and drilled 3/8 holes. Then spent hours on the buffing machine to dress it to a perfect shine (it was sold like a buck a foot without a shine. Through trial and error (when buffing other SS odds and ends on the boat) I found this often ended in surface rust. My Dad recommended that I surface dipped the part(s) in a mild acid (I used naval jelly). Never had a problem with rust again on SS parts. I don't know the chemical reason for this but acid imparts some sort of surface protection (I think). Then mounted the stainless angles on scrap teak to either side of the mast (unlike to Sailmaster the mast is stepped on the keel).

Anyway, if you happen to see this... I have a question. It looks in the pics on picasa like you epoxied or fiberglassed horizontal stringers into the hull. I once saw this on a racing dinghy that was oil canning. Is there a known problem with the hull oil canning in a Sailmaster. I would think not given the vintage of the boats and the fact that they all seemed totally overbuilt. Maybe the stringers were already there?

Again, beautiful, beautiful job on the restoration.
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