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Ok. Have built a battery box and rewired (using Main Sail's recommended tools and techniques) to 12B0 switch and then + and - busbars.

Question: I have a 10 bank Blue Sea electrical panel. However, I get confused (often). Esp. where it comes to wiring multiple circuits to the panel. The provided diagram recommends connecting + circuit wires to the panel. Should I also connect each - circuit wire to the electrical panel, or to the large - bus I have installed nearby. For the record, I ran the - bus on 4awg right after the battery.

Thanks again!
US Yacht 25
Kennewick, Wa.
for reference out of the fuse panel the fuse is to protect the wire 10 AWG-30A then fuse for the device. return neg(-) to (-)neg buss. the length of run is the total of both pos + neg(for voltage drop)
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