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rig tuning?

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I'm coming up on 8 years since I bought my 22 boat and stepped the mast. since that time the rig has been tuned once by my yard. We sail it pretty lightly but I'm not sure if there's any value in having someone tune the rigging again. I'm not as concerned about performance as I am about safety. I check the turnbuckles and shrouds every year but I haven't looked at the points aloft on the mast. any thoughts would be appreciated!
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It is well past time to check it. Most wire rope manufacturers note that the life of rigging assemblies to generally be 8-10 years. Spreader ends are also a problem area.

Wire stretches. If eveything happens to be ok after inspection, a re-tune is in order.

Where are you located. If you're on fresh water in the more northerly areas, chances are your rigging is fine, but should be visually inspected in any case. If you're down in Florida or some other place where the boat is in use 365 days a year, and on salt water, the rigging may need to be replaced. :)

If you check it and don't find any obvious warning signs like rusty chainplates, meathook strands on the wire, then you're probably okay to go. There's a good post on Rig tuning here on the forums as a sticky by Giulietta that I'd recommend you read.
SD is right on the mark. BTW, with a 22, so easy to get the mast up and down, if it is used seasonally, why not unstep the mast every season? We require it at our club, for insurance reasons.
thanks. we sail in New Jersey coastal waters. actually since we have pretty small kids, we've been only daysailing on a fairly sheltered river so the rig does not take much abuse. It is salt water though.
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