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Oh, to answer the original question, here're some things I used tape for. Bear in mind that I race of club J/24s that I have neither the permission nor inclination to make changes to, so I use tape for a lot of things that I'd just fix if it were my boat.

* Taping cotter pins/ring-dings to keep them in place and from snagging things
* Taping closed pelican hook on lifelines to keep them from opening unexpectedly
* Keeping loose snap shackles from opening unexpectedly
* Fixing damaged whipping on lines
* Taping the downhaul bridle to spin poles (boats don't have a foreguy)
* Streamlining exposed bolts, mooring line fairleads, etc that might snag lines/sails
* Attaching the topping lift to the side stays
* Giving the vang some girth so a blown-out cleat can grab it
* etc...

Suffice to day, I don't keel okay on a boat unless I have my tape with me. (And I go through like 4 rolls a year.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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