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Rigging update and replacement?

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Our boat currently has thru bolted chainplates.

I was wondering If I should switch these out for chainplates that go thru the deck? The plates for the main sidestays are raised slightly, telling me I am putting upward force on the deck itself. I understand this is incorrect.
I have two options.
One is to install turnbuckles below deck, between the plates that attach to the inside of the hull, and the deck plate.
Two is to swap out the deck attachment for thru deck rig plates.

I was about to replace all the bolts when I gave this idea some thought.
Maybe just swap out the two on the main sidestays?
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Possible wet core in the deck, causing the plates to pull up. Looking at your teak deck, I suspect water intrusion into the core, making the core soft and gooey. Some surgery is going to be required. Probably need to pull up some deck planks and open up the fiberglass to see what is going on down there. Early signs of a looming critical issue. Take care now before you go bounding across the main
Agree with aeventryr60 ..... look at all those missing bungs in the vicinity of the chainplates. Such is pretty much a strong sign/symptom that there is a LOT of rot forming in the underdeck/core; that rot will continually supply moisture to the chainplates for enhanced crevice corrosion to the chainplates. A dismantling, chainplate removal and inspection is suggested .... and a thorough rot analysis should be considered.
For rot analysis I like to use a ~1/16" drill bit and drill UP from underneath into the core and spaced 12" apart. Simply examine the 'drillings' - if wet, 'dark', mushy, etc. = obvious rot. The least amount of holes in the top surface the better.
Once you determine the expanse of the rot, you can decide on the best method of remediation - either cutting teak strakes and going down through the 'top'; or, sometimes doing all the work from the bottom side.

All those 'missing' bungs is a BAD sign.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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