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Rigid Bilge Blower Tubing???

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I am installing a new bilge blower because mine is so loud I can't tell if my motor is running without looking at the tach. I am going with one of the newer inline style blowers. While I am at it I would like to redo the tubing leading to the bilge. I was wondering if there is any reason one couldn't use rigid 3" PVC pipe? It would make for a much cleaner look and would last darn near forever. I just hate the look of the "dryer vent hose." I would use a rubber flex coupler from the tubing to the blower. Has anyone ever done this before? Pros/cons???
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I like the idea of rigid tubing you can have it go where you want :) im gonna do that to my boat thanks for the idea. My only question is do you only need a fan to pump air out or can you have 2 fans one to blow in and one to blow out
My own ventilation is degraded to the point of being near inoperable so I think I surface wouldn't mind if I rebuilt it to a better spec than what was issued
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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