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Rigid vang on PSC 37

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I would like to add a rigid vang to my PSC 37.
It has the LeFiel rig with the boom that can rotate, which would seem to present problems when trying to support it from below.

Anybody done this?

I would like to use the Garhauer unit. Anyone have experience with these vangs?


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We've considered adding a rigid vang on ours also, but we must have a different design LeFiell spar, as ours does not rotate. Our dock neighbor has the Garhauer on his Catalina and really likes his.

I've heard good things about Vang Master also.

Sorry can't help you more on this, but will be interested to see others' responses.
I did the same upgrade with the Garhauer vang. The gooseneck fitting needs to be modified by welding a SS plate the same oval shape as the boom to the gooseneck fork. The plate with fork is then bolted to the large aluminum plug that goes into the boom. This prevents the boom from rotating. I had it done in Mexico this year and it works well. Sorry, no pics yet.

s/v Pelagic
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Thanks for the input.
Pics would be great.

Hi Paul,
I just installed a garhauer rigid vang on my Crealock 31, I sent them detailed drawing of my boom and mast brackets. Perfect fit, this is the second rigid vang I have purchased from them. The first one was about 10 years ago for a sabre 34. I used it for 6 seasons without any problems and the new owner is still using it. I'm a big fan.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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