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Hi All

I refurbished the compaases on my boat this weekend. The lights were not working on one and the bezels needed refinishing.

I removed both from the binnacles and took them home. Got them on the workbench nad removed the bezels. Then i noticed that there as now a bubble in each globe.. This is the moment i relaised the bezel was clamping the dome to the body.

Now i was looking to see what the fluid was. I went to the Ritchie site and discovered it is either odourless mineral spirits or Isopar L. Both are compatible with each other and my suspician with the oily feel of the leaking fluid was that this was mineral spirits.

Then began the hunt for compass fluid. I got blank looks from the local boating stores, no response from the Australian dealer for Ritchie, Bunnings warehouse had reduced odour turps but not exactly what i was looking for. My wifes uggested an art suppy store and bingo. Eckersleys in Australia stocks odourless mineral spirits as an oil paint solvent. I picked up 2 l for not much money and did the refill. I put themineral spirits in the freezer to get it cold as possible to reduce its volume and then refilled from the fill aperture to the brim with a syringe.

All OK just hope the art supply store source is usefull to other boaters needing to do something simlair with their Ritchie apparatus.

Bezels fefinished in black enamel. I refitted a new wiring loom for the lights with new solder joints and heat shrink to make them viable for the next few years.


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