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I've spent a lot of time on a Ranger 28.. and some on it's 'cruisier' sister the R29, both Mull boats but very different.

The 28 is a very handsome boat but also very typical of the 70s IOR mindset, large J measurement and short E main, so relatively big genoas and spinns, with a main that's not much more than a 'trim tab' when you come down to it. Goes well upwind, indeed, but more tender than you'd expect with the beam and tumblehome - but the hull section is so 'round' there's not a lot of initial stability. Downwind it can be very exciting.. ours was an earlier model with an unbalanced rudder and it's was a virtual broach machine, in 20knots+ you could create your own calendar in a 12 mile race ;). Manageable but it can catch you unawares to start. We modified the rudder after a couple of seasons and it was much improved.

Decent interior and cockpit, structurally the only thing of note is the keelstub seems a bit under engineered for the bolt on keel, there are no floors or stringers whatsoever.

The R29 is a much cozier, more comfortable boat with better manners and probably a much better family boat. Not much slower than the 28, and even then probably mainly upwind...
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