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Are you describing the "Ranger 28" from Ranger Yachts in California?
If it's the Ranger 8.5 built by Ranger Boats in Kent, WA, they did a very good job fitting out their boats and there should be no moisture problems from the factory's workmanship.
Not sure if you're still engaging with SailNet, but looks like you know quite a bit about the Ranger 8.5. I am looking at one on Lake Pend Orielle. It appears there are 4-5 of them on the lake all, I think sold back in the day by Gary Macdonald.

Can you tell me how long the 8.5 was being built? I understand they started making them in 1980. The visible difference between the 28 and 8.5 seems to be the hard edge of cabin on 8.5 where cabin is more rounded on the 28.

I'm wanting a crusing boat that will be comfortable and move along pretty good. 8.5 seems to fit that bill. The particular boat looks very clean and has been well taken care of.

Any thoughts/points I should be aware of?

I hope you're still engaged and can offer me some independent insights into the 8.5.

Thank you.
Peter S
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