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Hello, everyone. What a nice site & community!

My wife Karen and I have become very interested in taking up sailing this year. Our current plan goes something like this:
0. Read as much as possible during the winter.
1. Take ASA 101 & 103 in Chicago
2. Practice, practice, practice
3. Take ASA 104 on a sailing school vacation in Greece in the fall.
4. Assess and figure out what to do next. Maybe a bareboat charter in the Caribbean next winter.

I survived plebe year at Annapolis, and I have some minimal training and experience from that (and a few bits of leftover navigation equipment!) Other than that, I've been out maybe once in the last 20 years - I'm really starting over.

We are not terribly interested in racing, more in cruising. My ambitions are probably more ambitious (trans-Atlantic, Tahiti, around-the-world...) than Karen's, but we'll see!

I'm currently reading the Annapolis book of Seamanship.

All advice gratefully accepted - we're looking at the various sailing schools and yacht clubs in Chicago. We're also considering a fractional membership to help us with step 2. I hear you can crew if you hang around on the docks though I don't know the protocol! It's too soon to buy a boat (but not to dream about it!).

We're looking at the Athens Sailing Academy for step 3. Does anyone have any experience with them?

We'll be at the Simply Sail show on Saturday and we're really looking forward to it.


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Welcome Roger.

These guys sail out of Dusable......
Welcome to 3rd Coast Cruising
Tell Captain Jim that Tim said hello and he'll probably never let you on board. They will have a booth at Strictly Sail as well.

There will be a few of us wandering around the show this weekend.
If your there on Friday evening, we are going to meet up at The Billy Goat on the Pier.

I sailed out of Monroe Harbor for over twenty five years and we currently keep the boat at Eldean's in Holland Michigan. We still have a lot of friends back in Monroe and we routinely are back in that harbor.

Hope to meet you soon.

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