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Hello forum,

I'm curious, is there anything I need to be aware of when routing the antenna cable for HF ? This is for a few hundred watts, and mostly what I want to know is if the antenna cable is a fire hazard, is there a danger routing it through a whole drilled in wood ?

I think that I need to keep the antenna cable away from other cables because it might cause interference with them when transmitting.
You're talking about the GTO-15 wire to the tuner, right?

Why would you be running it any significant distance? Ideally, the tuner should be located as closely as practical to the base of the antenna, and the length of the GTO wire kept to a minimum...

GTO-15 is an insulated, weatherproof wire... I've never placed my hand on it while transmitting, but I doubt it generates an excessive amount of heat :)

It's usually routed through the deck via some sort of rubber grommet compression fitting, after all...
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