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Hi everyone..
I am brand new to the forum as well as the sailing world. I want to introduce myself and get some feedback on a potential plan/dream that I have.

I am 26 years old and I am single. In about 6 months I am going to graduate Medical School in the United States and I am going to be doing an Emergency Medicine Residency hopefully somewhere in the South East. I am trying to do it somewhere in Florida (preferably Jacksonville FL, which puts me close to St. Augustine, they have a good training program there)... Anyways.. I am a very adventurous person and have always been close to the water. Residency Training is three years long and I thought it would be an awesome idea if I could live on a boat in a Marina close to where I am training at. I am the type of person who is more then willing to try to live on a boat. I have the drive to do it, and since I am single and young I am not tied down to anything. I live in a condo as of now, so downsizing is not an issue for me.

I just wanted some general feedback from you guys/gals (the experts) about what size sailboat and in general what brands of sailboats would probably fit me the best. I will probably for the first three years spend 90% of my time on it in the marina unfortunately due to the training hour requirements. But I would still like the boat to be able to cruise weekends as well as head to the Caribbean for holidays and longer vacations and such. I would need a boat that has probably two berths, 1 full head and shower, full kitchen and possibly washer/dryer? I was thinking along the lines of a 30 to 35 foot boat, and the only names that come to mind so far are Hunter, Catalina or freedom? Anyways... I have a lot of research to continue doing.. and I have only been reading for a month. But I have about 7 months to prepare. As for my budget! HAH! well.. I am basically have no funds saved due to the fact that I have been in school for the past 8 years, but will be making a salary during residency, I will have to finance the entire boat purchase, but this is no different then me going to finance the entire mortgage on a house if I chose to do that.

Sorry for such a long post.. just wanted to give enough info so I can get adequate response.

Anyways... Thanks so much for the advice, look forward to reading more and maybe someday running into some of you.

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