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April Fools!!!??

Here's a funny one that is actually true.
A few years ago my dad was moving my Venture 24 from my old house to my new house. As he was backing into the driveway with the boat, the trailer came un-hitched and rolled 180' down the driveway on it's own, swerved past a very big pecan tree and came to a gentle stop 3' from the garage, in the exact spot I was planning on parking it.

Another time I was hauling the same boat over the Grapevine when the cable in the bow winch snapped and the boat slipped back far enough to grind the rudder on the road...ouch. Well, I was planning on reshaping it anyway.

Hmmm, maybe I should have named THAT boat "Free Spirit" because it was always trying to take off on it's own.
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