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As ive mentioned in earlier posts im refitting s/v duchess of montrose my contest 30 mk1 for a halifax to bermuda and possibly over to europe (azores route) depending on how the bermuda trip goes. ive finally finalized the list of things ive done or are in the process of doing

upgraded battery selecton to 4, need to rewire boat
add solar panels possibly build wind generator
i bought a radar need to get a mast mount and install it
thinking about upgrading the mast step to aluminium
thinging about strengthening the main bulkhead since theres no compression post need advice on that
adding sacrificial anodes
installing my ssb radio an icom m700 with at120 tuner and im going to build a false backstay antenna by using a peice of rigging wire from a much smaller boat i used to own (dhingy and using 2ft or nylone rope as insulators on eiter end i saw this in a post on ssbs i also bought a kiss grounding plane
also buying a military surplus dipole kit
adding running backstays
inspecting rigging and hacing chainplates rebedded
adding a forward forestay attached to my oak bowsprit and a bobstay and those side bobstay things
installing my chartplotter and getting cmap cards for the necessary regions and photocopied paper charts
replace rudder bearing regardless of wether there fine i want new
i bought a plastic sextant and i have 3 handheld gps systems
replaced compass and put old one in nav station
bought handbearing compass
bought ais system to tie into chartplotter
bought a navtex receiver
bought a second vhf whip for the ais
bought 3 tillerpilots and the book on sheet to tiller and alot of surgical tubing and shock cords my idea if in heavy weather i set up sheet to tiller and then use tillerpilots it will reduce the loads on them make them last longer and theres three because hand steering from halfway between azores and bermuda is not my idea of fun
extra halyards,
three high quality stabalized binoculars
garden hose cut for chafe protection
loads of duck tape for chafe protection
i bought one of throse truplug things incase i get holed
3 sticks of underwater epoxy
extra plywood, bolts, lumber, glass, epoxy, heavy duty exterior paint
power drill/manual drill
sander, jigsaw,hacksaw, those clamps and eyes for juryrigging possibly
im having the yard put water tanks in the bottom of the bilge to increase righting moment and stability storing bottled water in exengine compartment
bought a drogue not a jordan but a 25 ft wide one used on an offshore fishing boat
bought an extra traveller
am adding two extra winches and plenty of extra cleats in the cockpit
i got an epirb for christmas
survival suit, since i dont have the money for a liferaft (have a dhingy though)
i am rebedding all deck fittings
masthead tricolor
bucket full of extra blocks
extra fuses
making aluminium hatchboards
building a gimballing system for my portable stove
harness jacklines and tether
sailtape and plenty of thread and needle
storm jib
putting a lexan board over the ports
bilge pump
laches for anything that moves
soldering iron
random fasteners
wrenches tool kit etc
handheld anemometer
screw in deckplates
replaced the only hatch with a alumium and glass one and im fitting a lexan window instead (has grates over the window too
rigging a preventer (how?)
two softwood plugs for ever thru hull
having thru hulls reset
having stanchins rebed and lifelines redid (by yard)
and possibly also adding a few compression posts
any suggestions, and yes i know its alot but i like to be prepared

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oh and i forgot i have a barometer, an atomic watch for time for sextant if its necessary and i made a faraday cage for one gps and the watch) oh and i have 6 fire extinguishers 24 shootable flares and 6 of the kind u stnd on deck with and im planning on adding cross beams in an x to the companionway hatch, a seahood and also putting closed cell foam on the backkside and glassing over it and a soldering iron and probably some other stuff im not thinking about a spool of extra wire some other random things to fix stuff spares etc

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If your extra forestay is forward of the standard forestay you will have lee helm which you do not want. The stay for a storm jib should be inside the forestay to balance with a reefed main.

Buy a good self steering vane - it will work long after your tillerpilots fail.

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see i agree with you on the vanes the issue with vanes are so im paying say 1500 bucks and then 300 or so for shipping and than some amount to get it fit to my boat so atm after paying for everything else and putting money aside in the cruising fund i dont really have that money everything else was bloody expensive unless theres a way to find a vane nearby under 1000 bucks preferably under 700.... though i figured if i use 3 combined with sheet to tiller or at the least shocks cord or surgical tubing to reduce the loads it should be able to last the journey or at least one of them hopefully if not i may have to find myself an affordable windvane there was one on kijiji last summer but it was gone by the time i snatched it up also the extra forestay is there more as a prevetitive measure to keep the rig on the boat in extreme conditions
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