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S2 11.0C Keel stepped mast repair

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I have a S2 11.0C with keel stepped mast I bought about 6 months ago. It appears that the Mast sits on a block of wood that has been fiber glassed over. It looks like that mast has sunk about 1/4". I drilled into the fiberglass to find that the wood within has some wet rott. My current plan is to remove the mast, remove all the wood, replace with some kind of epoxy then replace the mast. Prior to doing this I wanted to gather as much info as possible so here are the questions.

1. seeing as wood isn't the best for compressing I was curious if the woods actual purpose was to absorb the compression or just act as a spacer?

2. If the wood is just a spacer does anyone, does any have any experience with s2's to know what is actually taking the compression load?

3. When replacing the wood, what is the best thing to replace it with? Epoxy?

Thanks for the help everyone, now I need some aspirin for my headache :confused:
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I have an S2 11.0C. I haven't run into this problem. Yet. My mast and rigging seem good right now. I just had my tranny rebuilt $600 plus the compression disk $$380. I did the R&R myself.
Sorry you did not receive any replies to your post. What or how did you resolve your problem? From one S2 owner to another! Fair winds and following seas!
Guys help out
To buy such a yacht S2 11.0C
can not find documentation
if you have documentation, take a photo
I at least have electric schemes

Sorry, I thought I posted this photo weeks ago. Anyway, there is no wood under my mast. If there is anything else you need let me know. I have original manuals, schematics, etc...


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I am a novice yacht user.
I need electrical circuits for this model.
if you can help.

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