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Just a note,

We cruised down the west coast of the USA and spent about 5 years in Mexico, then we spent more time in the San Francisco Bay and Delta area, and recently from New Orleans to Pensacola.

We have never had ANY water related problems.

In all that time we used our water maker, or, ALL WATER from a source other than the water maker goes through our UV filter system!

On more than one time that filter system saved us!!! One time in the SF Delta, the filter slowed up and I found the supply (dock water) was like mud! Turns out they had a main break and had not flushed yet.

At our shore side place a year or so ago, they put out a warning that the city water system was contaminated. You could drive and get a small amount of bottled water. We simply hooked up our system and were good to go.

I have seen the same type of filters not long ago for about US $200.00.

A short Youtube I did on the filter;

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