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Long past, I suppose, are the days when the owner of a $350K+ 43-footer already had a pretty good idea how to prep his boat for a storm... :)

As others have said, no great options for that boat, as is... With that bow knuckle/forefoot already above the waterline, and that amount of freeboard, that thing is likely to sail at anchor or on a mooring like crazy... If a real blow is forecast, I'd want to haul it, or at least try to stash it in a safe marina... It must have Dock n' Go joystick docking, no? :)

Whatever he does, don't have anything to do with that anchor roller, I wouldn't trust that thing in much more than a Force 5 or 6... Double pennants direct from the cleats is the way to go... the suggestion of a bow eye near the water isn't bad, but with the amount of sailing back and forth that boat will do, such an eye will have to be massively overbuilt to take the expected sideways shock loads... Anything undersized could be torn right out, then he's goat a nice hole in his bow just above the waterline :)

Hard to say without really eyeballing the boat, but here's what I'd consider. A combination of a pair of NER Cyclone Pendants and Yale Polydyne mooring pennants forming a bridle, to the end of which I'd attach a VERY heavy kellet of sorts, maybe 100 pounds or more, in an effort to keep the pennants below that anchor platform support. I'd also think about attaching a couple of drogues, buckets, whatever, to the kellet in an effort to reduce the amount of veering the boat would do... Hell, even a few old automobile tires might work very well for such a purpose...

But, as hellosailor mentioned, seems to be a common trait among much of the Latest & Greatest today, many of these "New Style Boats" are rather poorly equipped to ride out a real blow at anchor... The Marketing Department wins another one, I suppose... :)

New England Ropes Cyclone Mooring Pendant

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