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Safe mooring of new style boat

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A customer asked me how to safely moor this boat in a storm.

In the second picture you can just barely see the mooring pennant going to the starboard cleat.

Chafing gear, double pennants, a bridle, removing the anchor are all standard practice. But with this configuration I don't see how they will prevent the rode cutter on the bow from doing what it does best. I see no reasonable option, what about you?

What do you think, am I missing any ideas?

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During Sandy the boats on Yale Maximoor pendants did not fare as well as those with three strand nylon pendants with decent chafing gear. A Beneteau 35.5 chafed through two brand new 1" maximoor pendants. The clear winner was the Cyclone Dynema Mooring pendant - no failures.

Boats that hauled fared worse than those stayed on a mooring. a nearby yard lost every boat they hauled. When I reapplied for insurance, the underwriter wanted a named storm action plan; hauling was not an acceptable choice.

I'm VERY curious who you insure with.

BoatUS crunches the data after every storm. They noted that Sandy was something of an anomaly since so many hauled boats were damaged, but they still recommend hauling before a named storm - so strongly that they will pay half the cost to haul and re-launch - because years worth of data says that's where you're safest.

I would bet that if you looked at the FEMA flood maps for New Jersey and New York you could correlate which marinas suffered surge damage.

In our case I decided to go upriver from our marina on Barnegat Bay to one that was six feet higher on the elevation maps. Our marina had quite a few boats damaged by the surge, where I hauled no boats were damaged. The water didn't even get up over the parking lot.

If my insurance company made that kind of blanket statement I'd find another company (sorry for the thread drift).
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