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Marshall, these forums work best when replies are kept on the message boards vs. being routed individually; that way, everyone benefits.

Your chart will tell you what your options are re: safe (relatively non-hurricane prone) areas south of 12N: Venezuela, Trinidad, or Grenada. The choices are respectively:
-- less expensive, more remote, heightened security issues when coastal cruising, tougher to import boat gear/repair items, beautiful islands (including the Dutch Anteilles) and a generally depressed time right now for mainland Venezuela
-- English language, all yachtie services & supplies available, importing gear easy, relatively very safe, not as inexpensive as previously but inexpensive for the Caribbean, crowded and with a wonderful island nation to enjoy if you choose Trinidad
-- beautiful anchorages at the island''s S end, usually safe & secure, more costly but with services & gear available, English language, more depressed island economy if you choose Grenada.

I''m at a bit of a loss to understand how inexperienced folks would chose to buy a 46'' premium cutter and put themselves in the Caribbean at the beginning of the learning curve, but you''re surely not the first folks to do so.

Jack Tyler
Visiting stateside but normally aboard WHOOSH, lying Port of Spain, Trinidad
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